Architect: Jensen Skodvin Architects

Location: Gudbrandsjuvet, Norddal, Norway

Year Completed: 2010

Awards: 2015 Norddal municipality award for architecture
2015 Mies van der Rohe Award – nomination
2012 Houens Fond Diploma

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”
— Gary Snyder

These minimal wooden and glass cubes float in the forest above the Valldøla glacial river and were featured in the Sci-fi / Fantasy movie Ex Machina.⁠ A truly magical one-of-kind destination where the sounds of the surrounding mountains are always present. I worked on this project until 11pm at night during the summer solstice, with the light fading slightly towards midnight I aimed to capture the effortless connection with nature.

“Conserving the site is a way to respect the fact that nature precedes and succeeds man. Today’s concern for sustainability in architecture focuses almost excluding on reduced energy consumption in production and operation. Conservation of topography is another aspect of sustainability which deserves attention. This project is funded and part of the @norwegianscenicroutes plan that engaged more than 50 architects, artists and designers to draw attention the stunning nature of Norway by bringing innovative and creative ideas for the tourist routes.” — Juvet