Architect: David Chipperfield, Antony Gormley and Suuronen

Artist: Snøhetta Architects & Tom Sandberg, Gert Wingårdh, David Chipperfield and Antony Gormley, Ulla Viotti, Sol LeWitt

Location: Kivik, Österlen Sweden

Year Commenced: 2006 – ongoing

A place where architecture and sculpture freely coexist with nature, Kivik Arts Centre occupies a rambling outcrop of farmland and forest. I ventured there to document new and old works by some of my favourite creatives the day prior to the Midsomer 2019 season opening.


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Two Viewfinders by Snøhetta Architects & Tom Sandberg

Two Viewfinders: a 2.5×2.5m cube that is open on two sides. Viewfinders permanently frame a chosen view of the landscape and serve as bookends for the start and finish of the interventions. The solid concrete boxes attempt to capture the ghost of the timeless photographic image in the here-and-now of the construction. The site is a mix of cleared pastures, wooded glades, rolling hills and steep drop-offs which make for a varied and layered experience.



Himlatrappan (Stairway to the Skies) by Gert Wingårdh

Himlatrappan is a dream, the dream of something else, higher, freer. But when you are right next to it, it takes its place and is so physically present that you almost refuse to recognise your own limitations.



The Cave, The Stage and The Tower by David Chipperfield and Antony Gormley.

The Cave – a solid, dormant space in the base of the sculpture where one can rest on a wall-fixed bench, offers the enclosed feeling of being in the dark forest. Stairs then take the visitor up to the first floor The Stage – a horizontal volume open to the landscape, where one looks out but is also exposed. The third volume The Tower – takes the visitor up spiral stairs to a platform almost 18 metres above the ground, where one is rewarded with a spectacular view over the trees towards the Baltic Sea.



Bibliotheca-archeological library by Ulla Viotti

A fortress saturated by memory over poetry and the narrative referring not only to guard and defence but also for the lively, struggling literature.The sculpture is six meters wide and with walls two and a half meters high Here the visitors are invited to wander through the meadow, towards the large sculpture with the Baltic Sea in the background and onwards to the narrow entrance. Well through the eye of the needle you are surrounded by books and shelves made up by handcrafted bricks. Well-known names are embossed onto the spine of the books: Victoria Benedictsson, Hans Alfredson, Sigrid Combüchen, Klas Östergren, Birgitta Trotzig, Rut Hillarp, Björn Ranelid, Elin Wägner… the list comprises around sixty authors that are associated to Scania.



Nine Towers (for Jene) by Sol LeWitt

The 5 meter high structure consisting of close to 4,000 white custom-made cinder blocks. The work is highly representative of his art, a sculpture, but created with architectural means and materials. A colonnade and a temple that challenges the visitor both visually and physically, and which activates the beautiful surrounding landscape with great contrast and mathematical sharpness.

— Project text from kivikart.se and e-architect.co.uk