Architect: Tadao Ando

Location: Naoshima Island, Japan

Year Completed: 2010

Published: Bendt Magazine

Exhibited: Fortheart co.

Naoshima Island is an 8 hour train-bus-fairy-electric bike ride from Tokyo. I stayed there for a few nights in a beachside yurt, heading out each day to document the island and its network of museums and concrete concepts. This was a contextual shoot showcasing the interconnection with the unusual and itself sculptural environment. I was lucky to be there during autumn, the colours of the surrounding forest and dry grass mounds helped in the framing of the objects. Once again I was fortunate to capture some human engagement, visitors and groundsmen, to give scale to the formations.

“A museum resulting from the collaboration between internationally acclaimed artist Lee Ufan, presently based mainly in Europe, and architect Tadao Ando. The Ando-designed semi-underground structure houses paintings and sculptures by Lee spanning a period from the 1970s to the present day. Lee’s works resonate with Ando’s architecture, giving visitors an impression of both stillness and dynamism. Located in a gentle valley surrounded by hills and the ocean, the museum offers a tranquil space where nature, architecture and art come in resonance with each other, inviting to peaceful and quiet contemplation, in a society overflowing with material goods.” — Benesse Art Site