Architect: We Not I

Location: Here East, QEO Park, London, United Kingdom

Year Completed: 2017

Loving the major design elements here. Incorporating people engaging with the space gives scale to the black form ply exterior within the interior of the hanger sized space. It’s Like an adults playground, with various levels, pop coloured tinted windows, art installations, and glass furniture around every other corner. On arrival the surprise of a taxidermy wolf stands at far end of the space watching over proceedings. Took me a sec to realise it wasn’t real.

“Studio Wayne McGregor comprises three dance studios, including two of the largest in London and a series of spaces in which to collaborate and create. Physical vessels for thinking, acting and making. Architectural encounters shaped by body, mind and the bodily disposition of form. All exchanges sustained by the possibilities of movement with free space as an absolute anthropological imperative.” — Text by Divisare